Address: 247802, g.Narovlya, Communist street, 3


Main Investment Investment proposals

Investment proposals


Confectionery Krasnyi Mozyryanin is one of the oldest confectionery producers in Belarus founded 91 years ago. Today it offers a wide range of marsh-mellow, marmalade, toffee and coated and uncoated sweets.

About 40 per cent of the factory’s output is intended for export. In 2003 the company was awarded the international quality management certificate ISO 9001, in December 2004 – HACCP safety certificate.

Krasnyi Mozyryanin welcomes investors to set up a joint venture meeting world standards in technology.

The company is set to develop the new production – toffees with fillings. To cut on the costs the company is going to plant its own apple orchard of the total area of 100 hectares.

The utility company “Narovlya woodworking enterprise” is engaged in the manufacture of woodworking, timberwork and furniture making.

To make a more sophisticated timberwork (doors and windows) the company seeks to purchase new woodworking equipment and upgrade the production technology and the quality of goods, retool the boiler house and acquire a new energy-saving dryer.

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