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Narovlya district is located in the southern part of the Gomel region. The area of the district is 1 588, 7 square kilometers.

The district borders with Yelsk, Mozyr and Khoiniki districts of the Gomel region, in the south with the Zhytomyr and Kiev regions of the Ukraine.

The Belarusian-Ukrainian checkpoint "Aleksandrovka" - "Vilcha" is located in our area.

There are 35 settlements, 6 agro-towns, 4 village Councils in Narovla.

Highways transportation facilities

The district is connected with Mozyr (P37), Yelsk( P126).

Railway communication

The nearest railway station is at a distance of 25 km (Yelsk).

Air service

The nearest airport is located at a distance of 172 km (Gomel).

Placement infrastructure

1 hotel for 74 people, 1 hunting and fishing lodge, 3 farmsteads.

The district's system of education includes 17 educational institutions, including 4 institutions of preschool education, 8 institutions of general secondary education, 2 institutions of additional education for children and youth, 1 vocational and technical education, 1 special education, 1 social and pedagogical institution.

The development of culture in the district is provided by 5 institutions, including 2 club institutions, 1 library, 1 children's art school, 1 historical and ethnographic museum.

Medical assistance to the population of the district is provided by the healthcare institution "Narovlya Central District Hospital". It consists of a central district hospital, a district health center, 2 medical ambulance station, 9 paramedic and obstetric stations.

Telecommunication services are provided by electric communications node of the Gomel branch of the republican unitary enterprise of telecommunications "BELTELECOM".

Postal communication services are provided by a division of the Gomel branch of the republican unitary enterprise of postal communication "BELPOST".

The electricity supply of the district is carried out by the branch "Mozyr electric networks" of the Gomel republican unitary enterprise of the electric industry "Gomelenergo".

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