Address: 247802, g.Narovlya, Communist street, 3


Main Soсial sphere Education and Culture

Education and Culture

There are 10 secondary schools in the region (4 of them are schools-kindergartens), 6 pre-school establishments, an education and rehabilitation center, a children’s orphanage, educational-production factory, 8 rural cultural establishments, a regional House of Culture, 7 social services stations, 1 town library, 1 children’s library, 3 libraries-clubs, an ethnographical museum, a center of crafts, a film-making company, the central regional hospital, 2 general practitioner’s clinics, 12 medical and obstetrical stations, a stadium and 11 sports jims.

 In 2003 the Narovlya region became the first region on Gomel oblast to start applying new social standards. To date the region has introduced 43 out of 44 standards. 

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