Address: 247802, g.Narovlya, Communist street, 3


Main Economy Industry


The industrial sector of the region comprises five companies, which employ 640 people.

The open joint stock company Krasnyi Mozyryanin is a GDP-forming enterprise and one of the oldest industrial companies of Belarus.

Krasnyi Mozyryanin takes part in various exhibitions and fairs and its products always win medals and diplomas. Natural feed stock, lack of preservatives, low calorie and sugar content, high food and biological value make foodstuffs produced by the company popular on the market. The Krasnyi Mozyryanian confectionery is well-known not only in Belarus and Russia, but also in the Baltic States, the USA, Germany and Israel.

Having renovated the production assets the company increased the offering range and enhanced the quality of products. In 2005 Krasnyi Mozyryanin purchased new equipment to make brand new products, which will have no analogues in Belarus. Moreover, the company has started developing a series of confectionery based on pectine and agar.

One more company of the region is the branch republican unitary enterprise Narovlya Hydraulics Plant, which cooperates with the republican unitary enterprise Minsk Tractor Works /MTZ/. For 2,5 months of the current year the company has significantly improved its financial performance due to the joint activities with MTZ.

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