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There are 49 sports facilities in the Narovlya region including: a stadium for 1500 seats, three shooting galleries, 12 gyms, 25 sports grounds, a mini-swimming pool, 7 premises adjusted for fitness classes, 2 fitness halls and a weightlifting hall.

Every year the region holds mass sport events for general public in arm wrestling, volleyball, football, weight lifting, mini-football, chess, draughts, athletics, tourism, table tennis, shooting. About 16 organizations from the town and the region participate in the events on a regular basis.

For the third year in a row Narovlya has hosted a motocross which is gaining huge popularity among locals. It is no wonder as the competition features the strongest athletes not only from Gomel oblast but from the country and the CIS countries.

There are also interregional competitions and football and volleyball tournaments organized jointly with Ukraine.

Some 1,300 schoolchildren or 74.4 per cent of the total take part in sports competition in nine sports.

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